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Skullpta Face

Skullpta Clay Kit

Skullpta Clay Kit

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Skullpta clay Kits are a unique creative experience for all to enjoy.

A simple but effective base called a SKULLATURE allows the sculptor to create on the basic form of a skull, taking away the first stumbling block a lot of people face.

Including 800g of organic air drying clay, there is more than enough to create the most abstract of characters, and stored correctly can be used time and time again.

The only cheats provided are a set of composite eyes and ears. Although our simple methodology included, enables you to apply all the basic components of the face without the need for anything but the clay and 2 composite eyes. 

Once the simple components of the face are complete this is where the creativity begins! From here you can move away from you present 'normal' face and allow your own creativity to run wild with our silky smooth air drying clay.

We have spent many months developing and perfecting our kit to make it as reusable, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

make our own tools and accessories in our workshop and print our own bags. We are also very proud that our skullatures are made from 100% recycled plastic, from a company here in North Cornwall. Our clay is organic air drying clay from North Devon. 

With this box there is no need for a KILN, there is minimal mess. our clay is water based and doesn’t stain as well as being non-toxic.

  • 1 x 100% recycled plastic skullature made in North Cornwall.
  • 800g of organic air drying clay from North Devon
  • 4 x handmade chunky recycled wood double sided clay sculpting tools 
  • 2 x handmade composite eyes 
  • 2 x handmade composite ears 
  • Full step by step guide on how to lay the basic components of a face onto the skullature form.
  • 1  bag of clay/slip mixture for help with the drying process
  • Full care instructions for the clay
  • Exclusive access to a QR code with unlimited access to our library of  'How to' videos, which is being updated all the time with new videos of the different ways of using the clay and helping to create all manner of characters. As well as many other video exclusives.

These skullpta clay kits were originally used in a more basic form within many NHS and educational settings. Being used for creative therapy, and in rehabilitation, these clay kits are a wonderful tool to help with basic motor skills such as pinching pressing and problem solving.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask on our contact us form or pop over to our Instagram page at the bottom of the home page


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