Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Emma, the brain child behind this exciting new venture, Emma has a keen passion for health and fitness. After finishing her degree Emma worked for the local authority and the NHS as a health and wellbeing advisor, during this time she also qualified as a health and wellbeing coach and has been working as a private health coach for the last 12 months. She is always very enthusiastic when it comes to creativity, this is clear to see when she leads one of the studio sessions. Emma is a busy mother of 6 children ( although a few are almost adult now ) she hopes that one day some of her children will join her in the family business.

She is excited about this next chapter of her life, becoming a business owner. Emma decided this was vital after reaching burn out working throughout the pandemic, this high stress environment is what pushed Emma toward creativity as a way of decompressing and having some down time.

Emma started the renovations on what was a small storage area in her father’s large workshop in Wadebridge. No one was able to see the vison Emma had, but as momentum grew so did Emma’s ideas and confidence in the business and soon we realised this was a big deal.

Emma loves living in Cornwall taking advantage of the beautiful beaches we have so many of as well as muddy walks in the local woods. When she has time Emma is always looking of ways to help develop and support creative workshops as a form of therapy.


Meet Richard, he is one of the most vital components of Skullpta face, he is the creator of the Skullature. He saw a need in 2011 for there to be an educational tool to help people express their emotions and feelings creatively. He worked within the health and education sector for many years using the Skullpta clay kits and our unique pedagogy. Since suffering with Covid 19 last year Richard has been looking to take a step back with Skullpta face and concentrate more on the larger commissions he receives from all over the world.

Richard has 30 years of experience which we love to use creatively within the studio, he’s very involved with a lot of the development especially the exciting Skullpta pet clay kits we have coming in the pipe line.

Richard has two adoring dogs which are always by his side in the workshop ( as well as snuggled up by the log burner in the evenings). Also, Richard manages a large farm just outside of Wadebridge. He is happiest when on his tractor or leading educational workshops highlighting the importance of being in nature and biophilia.