About Us

Skullpta Face is a small family run business in North Cornwall.

We provide a comfortable safe space in our studio for creative expression, through the medium of clay and the use of our simple but unique Skullatures made of 100% recycled plastic here in north Cornwall. 

Our goal is to enable your own creativity, giving you the tools and support to create your own fine piece of work that will last forever. 

With very few restrictions, little mess and maximum fun this is a place for adults, children and even the most unartistic of us to spend two hours letting go, this therapeutic play is essential to help decompress from the stresses of life.  

We believe the only limitation is your own imagination. With this in mind we have also developed a kit that can enable the user to have the same creative freedom from the comfort of their own home.  

We are proud to be an eco-conscious business. We have sourced as locally as possible, whilst ensuring that all our products are sustainably sourced. We source our clay from North Devon, which is 100% reusable over and over again ( see our tips and tricks for reusing clay).

Skullpta Clay Kits

These are a fun way to reconnect with your creative side, or find it for the first time altogether. The only limitation is your own imagination. 

These kits provide everything needed to create your own individual character and can be used by anyone of any skill level. 

Our simple but unique Skullature is the form on which you create, this enables the creator to build masks on the face time and time again. Resembling a human skull but 1 quarter of the size, this form takes the shaping and scaling decisions away, skipping one of the hardest parts of creating a character.

These masks can be dried and sealed / painted and then hung on the wall or displayed however you wish.

Alternatively the Skullatures can hold the form for any length of time to allow for constant change and evolution of the character, this can increase personalisation and depth of character created. ( see tips and tricks for ongoing creativity tips ) 

The easy step by step guide for the first part of your creative journey takes the focus off creating a perfect anatomical face and pushes the emphasis onto your own creative flow. Once the main components of the face are in place your canvas is ready. From here you have the ability to change and evolve the character however you desire.