Creativity within the work environment fosters productivity and mental well-being, at Skullptaface we make that possible. We provide a thought provoking and unique method to import creativity into the workplace. Our Skullptaface session deliver pure ‘hands on’ creativity that even the busiest of people can’t refuse resulting in a more relaxed and cohesive team.
Enabling a creativity in your workplace encourages greater problem solving, decision making and team morale. As uncomfortable as it can seem ‘getting creative ‘ and being gently pushed out of your comfort zone improves self-esteem and confidence combined with the tangible, visual representation of a newly gained creative skill. We do this by introducing to unique methodology only available from Skullptaface that guides the group through the creative process, building your confidence and creative ability as you go, the first half of the session is lead by our experienced tutors, during the second half of the session you are encouraged to take the lead, this is an opportunity to improve and personalise your sculpture. Your tutor will be on hand to help you individually with creative support and tips and tricks with anything that might be challenging so there’s no need to fear this creative challenge. We work with pure imagination some unique materials and a methodology that will enable even the most dedicated ‘non creative’ to realise their own creative potential.
Nothing is more important than mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. According to American Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, “creativity is a central source to meaning in our lives, whether innately ingrained at birth or not, its essential to our wellbeing. Creativity has the largest effect on stress and burn out by lowering levels of cortisol, this happens regardless of a person ability or experience, this means that everyone can get involved…no excuses”
Contact us now to discuss your next corporate event. Allow Skullptaface to the stress out of creativity with our easy and convenient 2 hour workshops, we bring everything needed to get your team sculpting in your workplace.
The only Limitation is your own Imagination