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Skullpta Face

Mod Rock Mask Kit

Mod Rock Mask Kit

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Our Mod rock kits give you everything you need to create 4 masks, this will give your clay character the structural integrity once dried and can easily be lifted off the skullature base. 

In the kit you will get full instructions on how to hydrate and lay the mod rock sheets to give you the best results. The sealant provided will help to help set the mask and provide the best surface as you lay the clay foundations. 

This fun, although slightly messy activity must be done 24 hours before use with clay. 
The Mod rock mask is not essential and the skullature can be used without this, laying the clay directly onto the skullature Works just as well. 

The aim of the mod rock is to enable creativity using the skullature and keeping the character you create.  There is no need to wait 7 days for the clay to dry directly on the skullature, the mask mask can be lifted off as soon as a you are finished and set to dry. Leaving the skullature free for use again.


- 8 mod rock sheets 

- sealant 

- instructions 

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